Configuration, Change and Release Management

Engineering Service Desk

Casne Engineering staffs a full time, 24x7x365 service desk designed to provide expert-level assistance to operations and maintenance staff across a wide range of production systems and vendor equipment. Service agreements include a powerful ITIL 2.0 Web ticketing system, SLA-driven response times, continuous system health monitoring, and predictable pricing models.

Configuration Management
• Setup and maintain Web-based Change Management Database (CMDB) which will include:
• Configuration Items (CI’s) under management
• Baseline configuration definitions and details
• Identification of detail level, labeling schema, component catalog and lifecycles for CI’s
• Identify and document service dependencies and relationships
• Develop strategy, scope, objectives and responsibilities of processes, activities and procedures for the CMDB, tools and other resources
• Ensure only authorized, identified CI’s are accepted and maintained on the CMDB
• Produce monthly status reports on CI’s as well as support for incident, problem, change and release management

Change Management
• Develop and maintain standard processes for implementing standard, normal, and urgent change
• Define and implement a Change Advisory Board (CAB)
• Change scheduling management
• Change lifecycle management

Release Management
• Ensure that only correct, consistent, authorized and tested releases are installed
• Support server Operating System patch releases
• Secure master copies of all releases
• Deliver secure and traceable releases
• Maintain complete and tested disaster recovery backups and plan


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We strive to provide engineering at the highest level of quality. We recognize that project success is the result of team members working together toward a common goal. Our team is comprised of individuals with the highest integrity. They are joined as a team with each other, the client and other engineering disciplines by commitment and a relationship based on trust. We believe that this attitude is necessary for successful outcomes.

Curtis Clute

Curtis Clute, President