Data Center Services

Casne Engineering helps plan, develop, and execute successful strategies for the construction, operation, and maintenance of data centers and other critical facilities.

Casne Engineering works closely with data center operators and owners to plan, develop, and execute successful strategies for the construction, operation, and maintenance of their facilities and data infrastructure. Our unique, multi-disciplined team of professional engineers, systems integrators, and technologists bring together the key subject matter expertise and technical specialization to help implement strategic initiatives such as improving operational awareness and agility, bench marking facility performance and measuring improvement, and implementing reliability-centered maintenance practices. We provide integrated technology solutions spanning disparate facility systems and vendor equipment.

Integrated Operational Views

We believe that the first step toward achieving safe, reliable, and efficient operations is real-time situational awareness. Yet many facilities suffer from fragmented and unreliable visibility into their critical systems. Casne Engineering works with data centers to implement whole-facility monitoring solutions which span data silos and disparate vendor technologies. Monitored systems include Building Management Systems (BMS), Electrical Power Management Systems (EPMS), Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems (BCM), mechanical systems, and IT equipment. We continuously evaluate, test, and apply the latest off-the-shelf software with a sharp eye on scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. We then leverage mature industry standards to deliver open systems with real-time dashboards, operational views, flexible reporting, and analytics which span virtually every functional area of the operation. The result is improved operational consistency and reliable situational awareness across the portfolio.

Electrical Power Management

Casne Engineering provides deep technical expertise in all aspects of data center electrical power infrastructure and metering including utility meters, medium and low voltage infrastructure, UPS and battery systems, diesel generators, dual-feed electrical distribution, and rack/outlet-level branch circuit monitoring. As power engineers, we understand the importance of reliable power infrastructure in critical environments and believe that real-time situational awareness of the complete power system infrastructure is a fundamental requirement for any data center operation.

Centralized Alarm and Event Management

Efficiently manage events in the data center across multiple systems and vendor products with Casne Engineering’s web-based alarm management system.  Built with best of breed real-time database technology, this solution provides centralized annunciation and management of critical events detected throughout the facility. Events can be triggered by combinations of systems and devices within the facility, comparative or model-based analyses, and external data feeds. Users can acknowledge, annotate, block, escalate, or investigate issues with one-click access to context-driven trends, operational views, and an integrated knowledge base.