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Casne Engineering staffs a full time, 24x7x365 Service Desk

The Casne Engineering Service Desk (ESD) is a full-service, total lifecycle approach for your critical Operational Technology (OT) assets. We specialize in high-availability, mission-critical systems to keep your operations running. Our trained and experienced subject matter experts understand critical software and hardware assets. You can rest in comfort, knowing that we deploy, monitor, and respond 24/7/365 with proven tools and techniques.

Four Indications that You Need an Engineering Service Desk

As your operations grow and evolve, so do the enabling OT systems. Growing pains are an inevitable part of the process, and the organization may experience an increase in stress as you struggle to keep critical systems operational 24/7/365. At some point, you may step back and realize that it is time to address some of the organizational stress systematically. Here are four reasons that you should make it a priority to look at formalizing your Engineering Service Desk (ESD):

  1. The team is losing its proactive focus. You hired your staff to deliver projects supporting the core mission of the business and are starting to feel that staff are becoming mired in reactive work. Instead of working to advance business goals, your team focuses on the never ending work of restoring and recovering systems. A well-tuned ESD can put your team in the driver’s seat so they could focus on more valuable targets.
  2. You can’t retain enough of the right OT expertise. OT experts can be hard to come by, and when you find them, they may not stick around in a “long-term” role. Project delivery staff tend to want to move on to the next exciting delivery, rather than operating and maintaining the work that was already delivered. A well-organized ESD provides continuity with documented processes and staff that are there for the long haul. With different credentials, training, and experience in your specific industry, technical support specialists have the resources to fix a wide variety of system errors and keep the valuable OT running.
  3. Failures can be painful and lead to high costs. OT failures can cause highly unpredictable and adverse outcomes, all the way to plant failure or supply chain disruption. If your staff is not well-equipped to handle OT related issues, you will suffer monetarily. If internal staff need to respond at night or on weekends, team morale may suffer. A reliable ESD will address problems proactively, taking into account your business needs and goals, avoiding errors before they occur.
  4. Eight hours of support are not enough. Critical OT systems require 24/7/365 support. This support may not be possible with a strictly internal ESD support team. If an issue occurs, you will not have to worry about the time of day (or night) as you will have an entire team of experts at your disposal around the clock. Outsourced ESD can be on call every day, all day, freeing regular staff to deliver new projects.

What Can I Expect from an Engineering Service Desk?

You realize you want to engage an ESD when your business presents the following requirements:

Increased Reliability

You are looking for entirely reliable professionals. They should not only provide you high-level services but should have the necessary knowledge about your industry too. An ESD increases this sense of reliability, giving you confidence that the systems will be available around the clock. Essentially, a reliable system needs to update for the latest software patches and updates regularly.

Reduced Downtime

“Downtime” is any unplanned event that stops production for any amount of time. It is something that costs the world’s top companies billions in revenue every year. The ESD team returns service to normal as quickly as possible after a disruption, in a way that aims to create as little negative impact on the business as possible. For example, Casne.

Increased ROI on your OT Investment

Your organization has invested substantially in deploying your OT, sometimes into the six or seven-figure range. Costs can include licenses, installation, configuration, and maintenance. Your business might have valuable intelligence and control over your operations. Implementing
a proper ESD can further increase your ROI in this investment.

How Should I Expect my ESD to Mature Over Time?

Most business processes experience a maturation process, and ESD processes are no exception. Casne has seen five stages in the maturity of a customer’s ESD, in the case of customers looking to outsource the majority of their ESD process:

  1. Risk Assessment: A professional ESD service starts with assessing the quality and condition of your technology assets. They also assess future risks to their functionality based on their situation.
  2. Incident Response: Based on their risk assessment, the ESD company gradually learns to handle or respond to the single incidents and issues related to your company’s OT. With time they improve in handling and solving those issues.
  3. Operation and Maintenance: Once your ESD is well-equipped with sufficient knowledge about your facility’s OT-related specific issues, they will then be in a better position to run your system smoothly and efficiently.
  4. On-Demand Services: Next, your ESD service provider is in a position to create an online control panel. This will assist your team to access their cloud service when needed.
  5. Full ESD Responsibility: Finally, they will be mature enough to take full ESD responsibility for your company’s technical operations.

What Types of OT Systems are Generally Included in an ESD?

OT is the use of computers to monitor or alter the physical state of a system, such as the control system for a power station or the control network for a rail system. The term “OT” is used to demonstrate the technological and functional differences between traditional IT systems and Industrial Control Systems environment.

Following are some examples of OT Systems that are generally included in an ESD:

  • Data Historians
  • Industrial Control System (ICS)
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems,
  • Programmable Logic controllers (PLC)
  • Dedicated networks and organization units
  • Embedded systems like SMART instrumentation

There are thousands of commercially available Operational Technology systems. We will work to set up a customizable OT system for the particular needs of your company. These are some of the most-common OT solutions included in our service delivery:


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