OSIsoft PI System™ Solutions

Utilizing industry leading software vendors, Casne Engineering can offer full solutions to meet the data visualization, analytics, and data understanding needs of large Enterprises

For over 15 years Casne has partnered with OSIsoft customers to build solutions based on the PI System.  By partnering with customers to understand their business goals, Casne has repeatedly found innovative and efficient ways to solve customer needs.  OSIsoft is a valued Casne partner and provides a solid infrastructure that has allowed Casne to build both industry and customer specific solutions.   

Whether the need is in AF Modeling, Analytics, Event Frames or Data Visualization Casne has the expertise and experience needed to meet customer needs.  Utilizing OSIsoft’s connected services Casne can also take all of the work out of the equation for the customer.  Connected Services allows Casne to provide the hardware, installation, connectivity and visualization needs for the customer.  Casne manages these solutions remotely and gives our customers a worry free and accessible data infrastructure.


Casne Engineering has helped hundreds of customers over nearly 40 years and can help you.  Comfortable in classic Engineering problems, but specializing in problems with a unique solution, Casne’s talented team would love to partner with you to help your next stretch goal come in on time and on budget.


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We strive to provide engineering at the highest level of quality. We recognize that project success is the result of team members working together toward a common goal. Our team is comprised of individuals with the highest integrity. They are joined as a team with each other, the client and other engineering disciplines by commitment and a relationship based on trust. We believe this attitude is necessary for a successful project and relationship.

Curtis Clute

Curtis Clute, President