Our PLC Programming, HMI SCADA Customization, and Web Based Enablement services are unsurpassed in the industry and provide clients with open architecture state-of-the-art solutions to their process control and data management needs.

Casne Engineering provides custom industrial control software for manufacturing, industrial process, water & wastewater, power generation and control, shipping & logistics, railroad, aerospace, municipal and commercial sectors.

We specialize in modernization of existing critical systems as well as complex greenfield applications. We prioritize documentation and strive to prepare software that can be easily maintained, modified, and upgraded throughout the system life. By standardizing common functions, we can develop and commission systems efficiently and reliably. Our professional goal is to provide cost-effective engineering solutions, meet and adhere to all safety requirements, minimize system “downtime” and meet or exceed the owner’s expectations.

Our PLC, HMI and SCADA engineers work closely with our technical services team to ensure state of the art networking solutions, industry leading security measures, and guaranteed response times for 24/7/365 support.


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We strive to provide engineering at the highest level of quality. We recognize that project success is the result of team members working together toward a common goal. Our team is comprised of individuals with the highest integrity. They are joined as a team with each other, the client and other engineering disciplines by commitment and a relationship based on trust. We believe that this attitude is necessary for successful outcomes.

Curtis Clute

Curtis Clute, President