Boeing 17-75 Workforce Readiness Center – Auburn, WA


The Boeing Company


Auburn, WA

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• New Training facility
• 71,000 Square Foot New Construction Building
• 2-story, multi-use facility
• LEED Silver Certified
• Contained Medical/Clinic space
• Site’s first new building in 25 years

Boeing 17-75 Workforce Readiness Center – Auburn, WA

With the goal of creating a dedicated training and skills enhancement facility for Boeing employees working in fabrication parts, Casne Engineering was selected as the electrical/controls design firm and integrator for the design and construction assistance of Boeing’s new training center.  The design included a new double-ended substation with connection to the 15 kV power distribution system of the Boeing Auburn campus.  Casne designed all electrical components for the new building including power distribution, an emergency power system with Automatic Transfer units and a building specific generator, building monitoring and control system, a fully controlled lighting system, and more.

The first floor of the two-story building was created to be an open bay industrial manufacturing type building to allow for large pieces of equipment to be installed in the space and allow someone to train on the equipment.  Casne supported the design and installation of the power distribution system to be dispersed in a way to allow for maximum change over time of the space for the most flexibility.  This included power distribution on columns, a large electrical room, and a centralized data room.  Casne also supported the design and installation of all equipment to fill the space as the project included relocation of existing equipment from other buildings as well as installation of new equipment for the building.

Also included in the first floor was a segregated Medical space to replace the removed medical building from Boeing Auburn.  The medical space contained similar components to a medical clinic, including nurses areas, inspection and analyzing rooms, a few specialized rooms, and emergency access for ambulance drop-off/pick-up.

The second floor of the building was designed to include training classrooms, a computer lab, collaboration areas, cafeteria, etc.  Casne designed for data and power distribution in the space, floor penetrations and boxes for power and data, second floor electrical room, second floor data room, and more.

Casne performed a lighting control system analysis for the client to support selection and implementation of a full-building lighting control system throughout all spaces and area types in the building and outside around the perimeter.  The final system allows for the maximum control options for the different spaces as well as supported the requirements to achieve the LEED Silver classifications for the new building.

During the commissioning process, Casne Engineering supported the installation and commissioning of the different systems for the space.  This included the obvious components such as the substation, generator, Automatic Transfer Switches, and power distribution, but also supported additional systems such as the building monitoring and control systems, HVAC systems, elevator power and controls, fire-alarm system, grounding, process metering, lighting control, and more.


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