Port of Seattle

Government agency overseeing the seaport and airport of Seattle, Washington, United States.


Location: Seattle, Washington

Project Description 

The Port of Seattle selected Casne to provide electrical design for a new building at SeaTac airport. Casne worked directly for an architectural firm in tight coordination with mechanical, civil, and structural consultants to design a foot expansion of Concourse D. The new building is a 33,000-square-foot facility housing six airplane passenger gates. The design of this building required very close coordination with the Port of Seattle and the mechanical, architectural, and structural design teams to provide a commercial product that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

The electrical design for the building included ties to the larger port infrastructure for power, both normal and standby, security for both doors and cameras, communications, and fire control. Internally to the building, Casne designed a unique lighting system due to the structure's open-concept interior. Additionally, we tied every piece of furniture within the building to a branch circuit for passenger charging devices.