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Casne Limit Learner Software

Casne Engineering's Limit Learner Software helps optimize the operating limits of your key assets using their observed historical performance.

Smart Process Monitoring

Casne Limit Learner uses machine learning to quickly and efficiently establish performance thresholds for hundreds or thousands of assets in your fleet.  Seamlessly integrated with the AVEVA PI System, this user-friendly tool leverages historical data and industry knowledge to instantly add critical context to your data and show you where your processes should be operating. With Casne Limit Learner, you can spot issues like anomalies or process drift, alarm when performance is down, and improve your overall equipment management. 


Accelerate Time to Value

A lightweight add-on that sits on top of your existing AVEVA PI System, Casne Limit Learner can be deployed quickly and tailored to your Asset Framework structure. The CLL GUI, built in Vision, pulls in assets from existing templates, allowing it to apply limits to multiple assets en-masse.


Use Case: Pump Maintenance

Early detection of poor pump behavior can mitigate the risk of pump failure and allow for targeted maintenance strategies. Casne Limit Learner uses your historical data to train statistical models and impose thresholds on key process values such as power, pressure, and vibration. These thresholds can help operators and engineers visualize trends in stationary processes and catch anomalies and declining pump performance. This user-friendly tool will improve your pump management and help catch issues before they become liabilities.

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