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Confidential Class 1 Railroad Client

Confidential Class 1 Railroad Client is one of seven North American railroads, with one of the largest freight-rail networks in the various states and Canadian provinces.


Services Delivered

Capabilities Deployed

Environmental WWTP Monitoring, Support and Maintenance

Service Level Agreement: 24x7x365 for a Year
Location: Vancouver, Washington

Project Description

The Client selected Casne's Engineering Service Desk (ESD) to provide monitoring and support services for its Environmental WWTP data management, reporting, and ICS systems. The engagement included 24x7 service for one year in total, with an approach based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), as well as centralizing all IT/OT management processes and proactive services to reduce downtime and the number of issues. The Service Desk provides incident response and remediation, configuration management, service request management, maintenance, and quarterly health assessments for client's AVEVA™ PI System.  These services included quarterly health assessments, planning sessions, continuous monitoring, and automated analysis and notification of immediate and potential system outages. Incident response and remediation services are reported by a central control room, end users, or by automated monitoring tools via a service portal, email, or phone. For Critical Issues, the service level agreement requires a 1-hour initial response and a 4-hour resolution or escalation.

Scope of work included: 
  • Incident management - receiving, validating, prioritizing, confirming, routing, tracking, and resolving abnormal conditions (incidents) in production systems.

  • Problem management - reviewing incidents to identify root causes, common failures, preventative actions, and improvements to eliminate future impacting events.

  • Patch management - acquiring, verifying, and installing patches (code changes) on existing applications and software tools on a computer or server.

  • Change management - maintenance of systems, servers, and software in a desired, consistent state.

  • Configuration management - receiving, coordinating, and documenting changes to the production system and the operational state of Client's underlying equipment.

  • Preventive management - quarterly inspections of Client's production PI Systems to identify abnormal conditions that are not evident through diagnostics.

The Service Desk is responsible for creating and maintaining technical documentation for all service desk activities. This is accomplished through ticket audits and working closely with Client's technical staff and vendors.