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Boeing 40-51/40-37 Hex Chrome Reduction Ventilation Upgrades

Location: Everett, Washington
Support: 13 Paint Stations; 3 Aircrafts

Project Description 

Boeing selected Casne Engineering to support ventilation upgrades to 13 paint stations for the Boeing 777, 767 and 747 lines where hexavalent chrome-based coatings are applied to the various sections of the aircraft. These upgrades will be made to the ventilation systems to comply with new OSHA regulations, improve production, and reduce paint overspray and waste. In addition, Casne Engineering will be responsible for the design, checkout, and installation of custom motor control panels, most with VFDs. They will also interface with the Honeywell DDC system for fan speed control and system monitoring. This will include programming, checkout, and commissioning of the custom VFDs panels. Additionally, Casne Engineering will work with electrical systems conforming to NFPA Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D on the plant floor. This project has been previously awarded the "Design Excellence Silver Award" in the Complexity Category by the ACEC Washington with the Prime Mechanical Consultant, FSi Consulting Engineers.