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Leading aerospace company, Boeing develops, manufactures and services commercial airplanes, defense products and space systems.


Location: West Jordan, Utah

Project Description 

Casne engineered the sequenced remodel of an existing 800,000-square-foot light manufacturing facility into a heavy industrial manufacturing facility. The entire low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage systems were modified and replaced for the facility. A new second 20MVA transformer, a second 138 kV HCVB, a 15 kV Switchgear, and a dual battery within an enclosure. Casne also coordinated with Rocky Mountain Power to install a new 138 kV Loop through the switchyard and add a modular control building. The substation’s 15 kV power was then re-distributed through a new 15 kV duct bank. The new service provided power to five (5) new 1500/2000 KVA distribution centers. The manufacturing plant distribution centers (existing) were replaced with distribution centers with newer control systems to conform to Boeing’s electrical specifications. All new panels and MCC feeders were designed with the new distribution center. The emergency generation system was also updated to meet the increased standby and life safety electrical loads.