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CMMS for Small and Medium Businesses

Location: Redmond, Washington

Project Description 

A fortune 50 software company selected Casne Engineering to support the implementation of a CMMS for assets for global asset management. Casne was presented with a few challenges, such as organizing hundreds of thousands of assets, including service dates, equipment age, and model numbers, and understanding when to replace equipment and which equipment takes the most resources. In addition, tracking time and resources used on maintenance and parts and monitoring all assets effectively without putting more energy into management than it’s worth were also challenging. 

To establish a reliable but flexible organizational structure, Casne offered an architecture stack with fully customized software utilities as a solution. In addition, Casne also designed asset hierarchies for an easily maintained and web-based platform with bulk edits. This way, one of the benefits customer get is a simple way of asset management. Other benefits included insurance of consensus among all teams on maintenance history and schedules for all equipment, outsourced management of maintenance which allows customers to focus on other efficiencies, and a decrease in operating costs by reducing the number of vendor contracts and IT responsibilities through consolidation of maintenance management.