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Bonneville Power Administration

BPA has been an engine of the Northwest’s economic prosperity and environmental sustainability delivering reliable, affordable and carbon-free hydropower produced in the Columbia River Basin to communities across the Northwest.


Location : Vancouver, Washington

Project Description

Bonneville Power Administration Selected Casne to support the Advanced Real-Time Analytics for Power Grid Stability. Casne identified challenges such as providing power dispatchers with situational awareness tools to detect and display abnormal power grid stability and managing high rates to achieve correct time alignment and normalization across a vast geography. In addition, leveraging the latest capabilities in high-speed Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) equipment was also challenging. Lastly, applying and accommodating current and future data analysis methods to improve grid stability analysis prediction over time.

To maintain analysis and solution code, Casne offered a solution, which is the Aveva's Enterprise Data Historian with customized in-memory data alignment and normalization logic, high-speed data collection with Aveva's IEEE C37.118 Interface, as well as customizing graphics for Phasor Analysis visualization within Operations and Dispatch Control Center and collaborating with advanced research and data scientists to develop an analytics framework using PI Asset Framework (PI AF) to implement a data pipeline for current and future algorithms. With these presented solutions, customers will benefit from real-time visibility of power grid stability, including advanced warning of degrading conditions before the event, extensible explanation with the ability to plug-and-play newly developed analyses, and the ability to expand the system with additional Phasor Measurement Units.