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City of Spokane, WA

The Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility is the Spokane's oldest and largest water recycling facility.

Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility

Service Level Agreement: In Phases over an 8-Year Period
Location : Spokane, Washington
Systems: SCADA, PLC

Project Description

Casne Engineering assisted The City of Spokane in upgrading its Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility. It was recognized that the overall objective would be realized with a consistent approach to the design and implementation of the instrumentation and controls portion of the plant. As a result, Casne Engineering was selected by the City and the Program Management Office (PMO) of CH2M Hill as the Process Instrumentation and Control System (PICS) engineers for all phases of the CIP.
The SCADA system consists of dual servers running Intellution iFIX software serving 24 network View clients on a redundant Ethernet LAN (SCADA LAN). The system also features a Historian server and an additional server that allows City employees to view the plant process screens via the City's business network. The system also includes a second redundant Ethernet LAN (PLC LAN) that communicates via fiber optics to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) within each process area.
Each process area is equipped with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC. These PLCs provide control, monitoring, and information for trending and reporting for each process area. They also provide a communication link to all packaged control system PLCs in each room for control and monitoring. The PLCs are also networked to Motor Control Centers and Variable Frequency Drives in each process area using DeviceNet.
The program's initial phases involved developing design and PLC/HMI programming standards for all existing and future projects. The software standards were jointly developed with the City staff and the Program Management Office. Object-Oriented type programming was used to develop both the SCADA and ControlLogix application programs. This minimized development costs for both software platforms and provided a consistent framework to aid the City's staff in troubleshooting issues across different process areas. The PLC software standards also included programming to optimize Ethernet communications between the SCADA servers and the ControlLogix processors.
The system includes Gravity Belt Thickener, RAS/WAS, CSO Clarifier Upgrade, SCADA System Standards, SCADA System Replacement, Aeration Basin Additions, Plant Water Upgrades, Headworks Improvements, Digester Heating/Recirculation, Boiler-Cogen Facility, Belt Filter Press, Automated Splitter Structure, Primary Clarifiers, Egg-Shaped Digester Facility, Chemical Addition Systems, Plantwide Pumping, and Electrical Improvements, Plantwide Electrical Monitoring.