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Spokane International Airport

Spokane International Airport is a 6,000-acre commercial service airport served by six airlines and three air cargo carriers. The airport processed nearly 3.3 million passengers and 76,569 U.S. air cargo tons in 2021. It is the second largest airport in the State of Washington and recognized by the FAA as a small hub. The Airport is an employment for over 3,000 people and has important and expanding transportation, logistics and airfield aerospace industry clusters. The Airport has a $3 billion direct and indirect economic impact annually on the Spokane Region.

Spokane International Airport PLC Upgrades

As-Built Existing Switchgear and Generator Control
PLC Retrofit Design
Startup and Commissioning

Project Description

Spokane International Airport (SIA) selected Casne Engineering for its generator PLC Control upgrades project, displaying their trust in Casne's expertise. Casne's task involved designing and integrating a new PLC control system for standby power systems in two crucial airport locations – the Main Terminal and Concourse C.

Both locations are equipped with a 2000KW Caterpillar generator and associated switchgear bus responsible for controlling transfer between utility and generator, as well as feeder breaker control. As these two installations were put in place at different times, they have distinct functions and designs.

The new PLCs monitor and interface with generators, switchgear, power metering, ancillary systems, and the terminal-wide DDC dispatch, enhancing reliability and control over the airport's standby power systems. Effective management of these resources is vital for maintaining stable operations and minimizing downtime during power disturbances, ensuring a seamless experience for travelers, airport staff, and all stakeholders.