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West Receiving Station Correction Capacitors Replacement

Capacitors for Power Factor Correction
Retrofit into existing substation

Project Description

Casne Engineering worked with the University of Washington to develop a solution to replace a failed tuned capacitor bank at the university's main receiving stations from their utility feeds. Key aspects of this project include:

1. Design and development of a replacement capacitor bank to resolve the issue and ensure continued efficiency and stability of the high voltage power distribution system at the university.

2. Management and support of the installation process and integration of the capacitor bank into the existing infrastructure at the West Receiving Station.

3. Inclusion of a dedicated control panel for the capacitor bank, ensuring seamless integration with the existing substation and monitoring systems.

4. Coordination and installation of power, control, and communication components, which were directed and installed through the extensive underground tunnel system running beneath the University of Washington campus.

By addressing these challenges and offering a seamless integration of the capacitor bank into the existing systems, Casne Engineering has ensured continued power stability for the University of Washington, while minimizing the impact on ongoing operations.