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The Yakima Valley Biomethane Plant project in Yakima County, Washington, will convert 150,000 gallons per day at George DeRuyter & Sons Dairy into renewable natural gas each year. This investment to upgrade its 2007 manure collection system and digester to increase its capacity. A vital component of the project is the construction of a new gas pipeline infrastructure that sets the table for biomethane projects for other dairies in the area.

Yakima Valley Biomethane Plant

Designed integrated controls system for all instruments and networked devices
Developed ignition SCADA system for process visualization
Data collection, reporting, and trending
Startup & commissioning
Remote support

Project Description

Casne Engineering provided project management, design, and integration services. Key highlights of the project include:

1. Design, programming, and implementation of the main controls system, consisting of three cabinets, a main PLC, remote IO, and communication protocol gateways. A cellular modem was utilized to connect the private controls network with the cloud-based SCADA.

2. The controls system integrated multiple sub-PLCs, instrumentation, and networked systems, allowing for monitoring of both the Dairy system and the Injection Point where RNG entered the main Pipeline.

3. Casne designed the system architecture for the cloud-based Ignition SCADA system, enabling remote monitoring of RNG production.

4. Development of a robust Ignition HMI system that displays instrument and maintenance data, generates text and email alerts for alarms, delivers regular system reports, and enables remote control of the system. Additionally, setting up a related database to store all necessary system and process data for regulatory compliance.

5. Ongoing support from Casne Engineering's ICS/OT Engineering Service Desk (ESD) ensures continuous operation of the SCADA system, encompassing incident management, problem management, patch management, change management, and configuration management. As part of their service, Casne also conducts quarterly inspections of the SCADA system to identify any abnormal conditions not evident through diagnostics.

The successful completion of this project showcases Casne Engineering's expertise in providing comprehensive, reliable, and secure solutions for complex RNG plants, while also delivering long-term support services to maintain optimal system performance.

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