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Casne Engineering is a team of over 120 engineers and technologists, helping clients succeed with electrical power, industrial automation, and operational technologies. 

Founded in 1979, Casne is an independent engineering, systems integration, and technology services firm headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Casne delivers high quality engineered systems from concept to design, development, integration, and run and maintain support. Casne works across a wide range of applications and industries in both public works and private industry, with clients ranging from small startups to Fortune 50 companies, worldwide. 

Engineering Services

Professional engineering and design services for the construction of electrical power and industrial control systems, serving as either prime engineer or sub-consultant

Operational Technology

Enterprise software and edge-to-cloud solutions for industrial operations, specializing in data historians, streaming data analytics, and real-time visualization

System Integration

Programming, testing, and startup of industrial instrumentation and control systems to improve the safety, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of real-time operations

Engineering Service Desk

Managed support services for operational technology infrastructure, including SLA-backed incident response and management for SCADA, data historians, industrial networks, and other critical data infrastructure.

Construction Assistance

Engineering services for facility owners and contractors for new construction and retrofits, including design review and consultation, support during construction, startup assistance, commissioning, and warranty services.

Notable Projects

With a rich history of over 40 years of diverse engineering projects, our teams of project managers, licensed engineers, and systems integrators provide owners and contractors with expert level knowledge of electrical power, instrumented systems, digital.

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