Power Systems

Safe and Reliable Power System Designs. Guaranteed.

Power systems design and installation are high-stakes processes. The safety of your plant, systems and people are all on the line. We understand your concerns.

At Casne, we apply proven design practices backed by over 40 years of business, to deliver safe, cost-effective, and reliable power system designs — so you always have peace of mind.

From small 4160 V customer substations to large 230 kV bulk transmission facilities, we have delivered power system designs on 100s of projects.  Areas of expertise include:

  • High, Medium and Low Voltage Applications
  • Power Distribution and Circuit Protection
  • Power Automation and Control systems
  • Short Circuit and Load Studies, Relay Coordination Settings
  • System Safety Analysis, including Arch Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Primary and Secondary Unit Substations
  • Underground Distribution
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems
  • Motors and controls including Variable Frequency Drives
  • Generation Systems including Primary Generation, Standby Generation, and Co-generation
  • UPS and Emergency/Standby Distribution
  • Energy Conservation Analysis
  • Electric Vehicle Charging System Design

We will work in a way that meets your needs, including traditional Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build methods.

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Utility Service Substation Design

Reliable, Consistent Power through Proven Design

Substation projects are complex, both in design and construction.  Extensive planning and engineering expertise are required to deal with both the technological challenges and compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Casne’s engineering specialists have honed our industrial and technical expertise to design, build, and deliver the most optimal substation configurations.  Our project experience includes critical installations with leading manufacturing, transportation, and power utility clients.  We guarantee on-time delivery that meets your quality expectations while staying within your budget.

When you work with us, we design keeping in mind your functional requirements while making sure to take into account all your functional requirements. Whether it’s a Greenfield project or a retrofit, a hybrid or simply an expansion, you can rely on us to deliver.

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Areas of expertise:

  • Greenfield Substations
  • Transformer additions
  • Transformer change-outs
  • Breaker additions
  • Breaker change-outs
  • Ring bus expansions
  • Protection & control system upgrades

Power Distribution Design

Safe, Robust and Disruption-proof Power

Power distribution networks are lifelines to all your users. With the ever-increasing demand for power, your distribution network must perform efficiently now and over the long term. Designing and maintaining infrastructure to be robust and resilient in the face of systems and/or end-user changes can be a formidable task.

With our long track record of supporting utilities, industrial organizations, and government agencies, Casne has the knowledge and expertise to help. Whether it’s overhead power lines, transformers, substations or switchyards, our engineers ensure that every element performs optimally.

Our projects span:

  • Electrical specifications and selecting optimum electrical equipment
  • Power one-line diagrams
  • Panelboard schedules
  • Load flow analysis for all types of projects, including evaluating voltage drop, harmonic distortion, and power factor within the electrical system
  • Site and route optioneering
  • Smart grid development
  • Integrated power solutions
  • Scenario analysis for sustainable energy systems for new urban areas
  • Distribution from intermittent electricity production and renewable energy sources
  • Infrastructure development binding continents and facilitating intracontinental trade

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Backup and Emergency Power Design

Minimal Downtime. Minimal Interruptions. High Reliability Power Backup.

Operationally critical facilities like yours cannot afford to have their power supply interrupted. When your power supply fails, standby or emergency power supplies must be ready to provide enough electricity to avoid downtime, loss of revenue and to protect both your assets and your employees. Also, whether you’re a hospital or a data center, you will be expected to comply with NFPA regulations such as the NFPA 110: Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems.

Our engineers know the ins and outs of these regulations and will design standby and emergency power systems that are reliable and provide long-lasting, safe power backup.

We design:

  • Emergency Systems
  • Legally-Required Standby Systems
  • Optional Standby Systems

We carry out comprehensive planning and testing before we design:

  • Examine existing and renovated units and protection concepts
  • Review building and electrical code requirements
  • Measure load flows and short-circuit currents in the distribution network and synchronization response
  • Analyze power supply networks and adopt protection procedures
  • Assess standby and emergency power supply availability
  • Assess control system response of generator system
  • Develop selective coordination and/or load-sharing plans for the systems
  • Supervise system installation and configuration
  • Verify load tests and warranty criteria

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Power Studies

Arc Flash Analysis: Protect Your Personnel From Their Power Systems.

Electrical faults are unavoidable, no matter how safe your electrical power system. Work carried out on or near live equipment may lead to electrical faults, resulting in arc flashes. Employees exposed to arc flashes may face severe injuries or even death which is a concern for both your employees and plant management.

Casne recognizes the dangers that arc flashes can present and using the modeling tools available to us, we have helped many clients with these risks. Our goal is to coordinate the entire electrical system, including the protection device settings, as well as the calculation of the arc-flash incident energy at each piece of equipment. This allows you to select the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) for your employees in all situations.

When you contact us to carry out an arc flash analysis, we perform the following:

  • Field investigation to gather all necessary data
  • Carry out short-circuit calculation and protection coordination studies.
  • Provide a report that identifies the arc-flash energy available at each designated point
  • We are also able to produce the required labels upon your request

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Power System Construction Assistance

Turnkey Engineering Solutions Supporting Your Power Needs

The power needs of every business may be different, but every business needs reliable and efficient power systems. Constructing power systems is a complex task, requiring coordination across multiple engineering disciplines, and interfacing with a myriad of local, state, and even national authorities. If a construction project fails, it can hold up your entire operations, compounding your losses.

At Casne, we have the in-house civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering expertise needed to deliver turnkey solutions. With 40 years of specialized technical experience, we design and integrate OEM components into made-to-order power systems. With engineering and fabrication in-house, we produce high-quality products on fast track schedules at an exceptional value. We build, oversee, and deliver the critical power systems you need with exceptional quality, on-time, and on-budget.

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